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Ortho lab, a division of Custom Smiles, is a full service Orthodontic Lab specializing in Orthodontic, Pedodontic, and select Dental Appliances. We have provided superior service to Orthodontists and Dentists for more than 4 decades. Our Orthodontic technicians were trained by the best and have more than 178 years of combined experience. Originally formed in 1966, Ortho Lab Inc. proudly merged with Custom Smiles in June of 2014 to become their full service Orthodontic division.

Besides their high quality Orthodontic appliances, Ortho Lab is also very unique in our extremely quick in Lab Working Times. ALL of our Dental Appliances have a 4 day in lab fabrication time, one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry!!

Call us today at Custom Smiles for a Full Price Sheet, to inquire about pick up and delivery options, or for any questions about our services and products: 866-321-4550.

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