Our dental lab has it all.  We are truly a full-service provider of removable, fixed, and orthodontic appliances.  We believe strongly in consistently delivering what matters most to our clients.  Prompt service, quality products and caring people.

For decades, dental professionals have relied on members of our team for the prosthetic and oral appliance needs of their patients.  Our reputation was built on “Yes”.  Yes, we can make that; yes, we can get that to you by then; yes, we understand your concern and will work towards a solution.

Along with our many product offerings, our clients benefit from:

  1. Free pick-up and delivery in many service areas (see below maps).
  2. Utilization of Digital and Analog work flow
  3. Case planning and chair-side assistance if needed
  4. CE offerings and clinical staff training.
  5. Working with a great group of people, and more…